Design System

Corner Content

The corner-content component, prefixed by gds-corner-content, is meant for secondary navigation that does not work in the context of a standard gds-modal component. To show the component, add the gds-corner-content--shown class to gds-corner-content. This component can be aligned to the right or left side of the user's window by toggling the gds-corner-content--right and gds-corner-content--left classes.

<div className="gds-corner-content gds-corner-content--right gds-corner-content--shown">
    <div className="gds-corner-content__header" data-gds-corner-content>
        <h4 className="gds-corner-content__title">Corner content title</h4>
        <div className="gds-corner-content__controls">
            <button className="gds-corner-content__button">
                <i className="fa fa-arrows-v"></i>
    <div className="gds-corner-content__block">...</div>

Optional classes:

  • gds-corner-content--shown
  • gds-corner-content--top
  • gds-corner-content--left
  • gds-corner-content--right